REDwire Gauges from Keystone provide vital information to keep steam systems working

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Gauges from Keystone Steam supplies are available in a variety of styles, ranges, materials and more.

When running a steam or hydronic system, it is essential to have the right information about its status. The system’s temperature and pressure can provide an early warning of potential issues with the flow and process. Without that information, problems can go unnoticed and lead to more serious issues. Keystone Steam Supplies offers a variety of gauges that will provide the information needed to keep these systems running properly.

Gauge options

Keystone Steam Supplies can provide temperature gauges, pressure gauges and tridicators for measuring both temperature and pressure simultaneously. Some of the options to choose from include various ranges, measurement units, connection sizes and construction materials, as well as face sizes and styles.

The company offers temperature gauges in dial or rectangular styles. Thermowells — used to protect and extend the life of temperature sensors — are available in either brass or stainless steel for a range of probe lengths.

The selection of pressure gauges includes models for the measurement of vacuum, pressure or both. Pigtail syphons are often added to pressure gauges for steam service. This limits direct contact between the gauge and high temperature steam. Snubbers are also available to provide protection from pressure surges in air, water and steam applications.

More information on Keystone

Keystone Steam Supplies has more than 30 years of experience serving the industry, and is known for its capabilities as a single source supplier. In addition to gauges, the company offers a wide variety of products, including steam traps, valves, filters, gaskets, coils and heat exchangers. 

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Keystone Steam Supplies

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