REDwire Gas humidifier basics: Different types and how they work

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Northern Industrial Supply Co. (NISCO)

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Gas fired humidifiers from Nisco offer the highest combustion efficiencies.

Gas humidifiers are used for a broad range of industries and applications, from hospitals and libraries to clean rooms and photography laboratories. Northern Industrial Supply Company (NISCO) can supply a humidifier to suit any job, as the Pickering, Ont.-based distributor offers a full selection.

To help customers get started finding the right humidifier, the company website provides some introductory information on the different types of gas humidifiers and how they work.   

Types of gas humidifiers

Gas humidifiers come in two main types: flow-through and reservoir. Both types operate using natural or propane gas. The difference is that reservoir types use a reservoir of water with a rotating drum to introduce moisture when needed, while flow-through types allow water to flow through the unit and drain out. The advantage of flow-through humidifiers is that because there is no reservoir of standing water, there is no risk of bacterial growth. In addition, flow-through humidifiers can be connected to a hot air supply or air return duct to bypass heated air to the humidifier.

Choosing the right humidifier

Some things to look for when choosing a gas humidifier are high capacity, wide modulation range and easy servicing. For instance, gas humidifiers are available with capacities ranging from 110 to 810 pounds of steam per hour. When it comes to modulation, some models can range from as low as 10 pounds an hour up to their maximum capacity. To ensure servicing is easy, the humidifier’s heat exchanger should feature automatic scale removal, and the servicing and cleaning process should take no longer than five minutes. In addition, it is important to look for a humidifier that offers the highest combustion efficiencies (83 per cent HHV).

Reputable companies such as NISCO are the best source for humidifiers that meet all of this criteria. Visit the company’s website for more information.


Northern Industrial Supply Co. (NISCO)

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