REDwire Garage exhaust hose reliably and safely exhausts carbon monoxide

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Hi-Tech’s garage exhaust hose is ideally suited for carbon monoxide exhaust applications.

As a leading provider of hose and ducting products, Hi-Tech Duravent offers a wide selection of quality products to meet the needs of a broad range of demanding applications. Its portfolio includes garage exhaust hoses, ideal for use in service garages.

Key features and advantages

Hi-Tech’s garage exhaust hoses are ideally suited for carbon monoxide exhaust applications. They are rugged and durable enough to stand up to many of the common conditions encountered in these demanding environments. For example, they offer resistance to crushing, high temperatures, aging and dragging. These hoses are constructed of an EPDM polymer compound, and can operate in temperatures as cold as -29 degrees C (-20 degrees F) and as hot as 315 degrees C (600 degrees F) when used with a proper adapter and fan-assisted system.

Hi-Tech Duravent’s garage exhaust hoses are available in standard 11-foot lengths, and a range of diameters, from 51 to 152 millimetres (two to six inches). FLT-style versions are 51 to 101 millimetres (two to four inches) in diameter. Larger diameters require connectors. Hose adapters and accessories are available; however, clamps are not required to connect the garage exhaust hose to adapters or other hoses. The standard hose colour is black.

An industry leader

Hi-Tech Duravent is an industry leading manufacturer of hose and ducting for air, dust, fume removal and light material handling. The company uses the latest in raw material technology, processes and manufacturing techniques to ensure it produces a quality product to its customers’ complete satisfaction. In fact, Hi-Tech Duravent maintains a large inventory of the most common hose sizes to serve its customers promptly, often shipping product the same day the order is received. With facilities in Mississauga, Ont., Abbeville, S.C., Plymouth, Ind., and Phoenix, Ariz., Hi-Tech is well-positioned to meet its customers’ needs across North America.

To learn more about its wide selection of flexible hose and ducting, including its garage exhaust hose, contact Hi-Tech Duravent


Hi-Tech Duravent

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