REDwire ‘Game-changing’ innovations make designing and installing the ideal gantry fast and hassle-free

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Festo's Handling Guide Online gives design and project engineers a smart, intuitive tool to create handling solutions.

Festo’s Handling Guide Online (HGO) is quickly establishing itself as a game-changing innovation in online procurement, allowing engineers to design the ideal, ready-to-install handling system for their application in just minutes. Now, Festo is making the process of getting that gantry up and running via a PLC just as simple by adding the new, optional Festo Motion Control Package.

The perfect match

This dynamic combination — Festo’s HGO and Motion Control Package — produces a complete, optimized package of gantry, motor(s), controller, accessories and time-saving integration software. With the Motion Control Package, installers don’t have to know anything about Festo’s software or write any code. This unique function block, created by Festo in Canada, is pre-configured for each end user’s job requirements. For example, it enables operators to initiate production changeovers, like changing load sizes, speed or number of cycles for the gantry, from their PLC user interface in the usual way. A single Motion Control Package can control up to six axes. It can be set up to interface with any Ethernet-based fieldbus, and can integrate with any major brand of PLC.

Meanwhile, the Handling Guide Online gives design and project engineers a smart, intuitive tool to create handling solutions, whether it’s a single-axis system, a two-dimensional linear or planar surface gantry, or a three-dimensional gantry. It’s integrated into Festo’s online product catalogue, so the solutions users create with it, with just a few data inputs, are composed entirely of standard parts. The HGO calculates and suggests appropriate solutions. The planner selects the most suitable one from these suggestions. Then, the data sheet and correctly configured CAD model are immediately available to download for direct insertion into the customer’s design engineering system.


Festo Canada will supply a no-obligation quote for the complete gantry system (and the motion control package). Delivery often takes as little as 15 business days. By using the HGO, OEMs typically reduce their time-to-market for machines with integrated handling systems by around 70 per cent.

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