REDwire Fun facts about felt liners, wool insoles and feet all rolled into one

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Your feet stand, walk, run, jump, skip, stroll and kick. Feet do so many nice things for us, why not do something nice for them by investing in a comfy pair of insoles?

Did you know that you have 26 bones in your foot and ankle?

Double that to 52 bones for a pair of feet sustaining tons of pressure each day. In tandem with your joints, muscles, tendons and ligaments, feet are strong, flexible, shock absorbing, mechanical wonders of human anatomy.

Your feet help you to stand, walk, run, jump, skip, stroll and kick. You even put your feet up to rest. Feet do so many nice things for us, why not do something nice for them?


Foot insoles and liners cushion the daily demands we put on our faithful feet.

The inside scoop on insoles

Insoles are the gift that keeps on giving, with a diverse range providing pain relief, eliminating foot odour or for orthopedic realignment.

For the ultimate in toasty tootsies, choose insoles made of wool to receive maximum benefit at a fraction of the cost of alternative materials.

Wool material absorbs three times its own weight of water or perspiration (that’s a lot of liquid!) Plus, breathability is another key feature of wool since it naturally releases moisture when insoles or liners are ventilated.

Temperature inside the shoes is also better regulated when using wool-based insoles and liners, which is a welcomed bonus when feet encounter extreme cold or hot climates.

Choose insoles with at least 75% virgin wool content with thicknesses ranging from 5/16” to one-half inch, depending on the type of environment your feet will be facing.

Liners offer support in the line of duty

Liners designed with industrial felt offer just the right TLC type of long-lasting comfort feet need to stay resilient and pain-free day after day.

Liners made with industrial-grade felt give an added layer of foot protection when wearing hard soled shoes or boots. Varying in size, shape and style, professionally made liners are manufactured in a variety of tailored designs.

Want to treat your feet? Try one of these liners on for size

For those who like timeless classics, the old traditional liners offer dual virgin and reprocessed wool with 8 mm thickness.

Others who like to mix it up, choose pressed felt or needle felt liners, which offer same materials as old traditional, but also includes a synthetic mix.

Fan of technologically-advanced creations? Go for the space age technology liner, engineered with three distinct layers serving three distinct purposes: outside layer includes radiant foil to reflect cold; middle layer holds moisture using open-cell foam technology; while the inner polypropylene layer removes moisture from feet.

Really want to treat your feet? Get either quilted high end liners or 100% virgin wool liners, which are the cream of the crop.

Made with 80% wool and Thinsulate™ insulation, quilted high end liners are a lumber jack’s best friend; these particular liners are tried and true in the forestry industry since they offer durability and abrasion protection against the elements.

Virgin wool liners are an extremely warm, environmentally-friendly piece of feet heaven. They are also versatile because these liners double as slippers with a simple roll down the liner shaft into the cuff of the shoe.

Your feet are the foundation of your health. Pamper them by viewing our catalogue offering a wide selection of insoles and liners to cushion all 52 bones of your feet at  


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