REDwire Fruit and vegetable industrial brushes: what everyone ought to know

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According to Health Canada’s Food Guide, the average adult needs to eat anywhere between 7-10 servings of vegetables and fruit per day.

Before taking a bite into nature’s candy, and even before you sort through the vast selection of produce at the grocery store, have you ever wondered how these green goods from the ground get initially cleaned, prepped and ready to eat?


Brush up on your produce cleaning knowledge by reading about the six different types of industrial brushes used for washing, waxing and sorting fruits and vegetables.

Harvesting coil brushes

As the name indicates, these types of brushes are used for harvesting fruit and vegetable products. The bristles can withstand heavy-duty demands because of its resilient nylon and polyester materials, which is perfect for any conveying, devining, screening and wind rowing applications.

Sizer and singulator brushes on Poly-Core

High-density Poly-Core fibers are tufted into either a straight trim or a step trim pattern. These types of brushes are ideal for singulation applications; in other words, separating batch items into individual units, such as a splitting bushels of apples, pears, peaches or citrus products. 

Spiral wound coil brushes – transverse

At the core of these brushes is steel, stainless steel or aluminum structures, which is encased by coil wound filaments that have a straight trim or hi-lo trim. The spiral brush construction is ideal for washing, waxing and peeling carrots, onions, potatoes and root crops. When in transverse wash equipment, the produce bumps over the rotating brushes from an in-feed conveyor.

Spiral wound coil brushes – longitudinal

Similar to spiral wound coil brushes, the longitudinal version of this brush has steel, stainless steel or aluminum structures, as well as polyurethane drive bushings. The main difference is the orientation of the brush bristles, which can be angled or tilted to assist with progressing fruits and vegetables along the brush bed.

Strip brushes and tufted plates

Constructed with metal strip or plastic block backing, these brushes are perfect for directing or spreading fruits and vegetables along food processing conveyor belts.

Tufted brushes on Poly-Core

Comparable with sizer and singulator brushes in terms of the same high-density Poly-core tufted fibers used, this brush also is available with a hi-lo trim pattern or the standard straight trim. Tufted brushes on Poly-Core are best used for washing and waxing apples, citrus products, pears and peaches while using transverse wash equipment.

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