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ANSI/CSA NGV 5.1 details mechanical, physical and electrical requirements for newly manufactured appliances that dispense natural gas for vehicles directly into the residential fueling appliance.

CSA Group recently published a new standard for residential fueling appliances that addresses one of the key barriers to growth of the natural gas vehicle market — limited infrastructure. The document covers indoor and outdoor fueling appliances connected to residential utility gas piping systems. This development creates the opportunity for owners of natural gas vehicles to fuel their vehicle at home. 

“NGV 5.1 is a great addition to the suite of CSA alternative fuel standards, keeping up with the growth and expansion of the alternative fuel industry," says John Jordan, technical representative - standards, agility fuel systems, and acting chair of CSA Group's automotive technical committee.

CSA Group and its members will remain active in the area of residential fueling appliances. 

"We will continue to work with industry leaders to refine NGV 5.1 and gain its acceptance in the applicable codes and standards developed by NFPA and ICC," says Andrea Lanier Papageorge, manager, building and gas codes and standards, AGL Resources, and vice-chair of the NGV 5.1 technical subcommittee. 

One notable success already achieved is the 2016 version of NFPA 52 including reference to ANSI/CSA NGV 5.1-2015.

ANSI/CSA NGV 5.1 details mechanical, physical and electrical requirements for newly manufactured appliances that dispense natural gas for vehicles directly into the residential fueling appliance. It covers both indoor and outdoor fueling appliances that connect to residential utility gas piping systems, and includes detailed figures, tables and annexes.

This standard development project was funded in part by the American Gas Association and the Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E), U.S. Department of Energy. In acknowledgement of the support of ARPA-E, the standard is being made available for free through June 30, 2016.  

What does this mean for the manufacturing industry? It could be a chance to start exploring opportunities to manufacture the right parts for these residential refueling appliances. 

For more information, contact the CSA Group.


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