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A brewery selected CompAir air compressors because they offer a reliable and economic supply of oil-free compressed air.

The food and beverage industry must adhere to the highest quality standards when it comes to protecting the integrity of their products and processes. The quality of the air they use is no exception. Even the slightest traces of oil can compromise the integrity of the product and, worse, risk the health of the consumer. But CompAir can help. Its range of oil-free compressors offers a reliable supply of air to food and beverage manufacturers that meets stringent quality standards.

Case in point

There are many uses for compressed air in the food and beverage industry. It’s used to cut and peel fruits and vegetables, for example, and to move products at high speeds along the production process. It is also commonly used to produce nitrogen in the packaging process, or to generate the vacuum used in the packaging process.

One customer involved in the production of chocolate completely replaced its compressed air station with four oil-free, water-cooled piston compressors from CompAir. These units not only offer the excellent production reliability required, but they also offer great energy efficiency. In fact, the company’s management calculates that it will make annual energy savings of € 48,000.

Another customer, a brewery, selected CompAir air compressors because they offer a reliable and economic supply of oil-free compressed air. The company can rest easy that no contaminants are entering the brewing process because these units provide a high degree of reliability and operational safety.

A wide selection, a top choice

Backed by more than 200 years of compressed air development, CompAir is a leading provider of compressors and compressed air equipment. In addition to its oil-free models, which include water-injected rotary screw compressors, two-stage screw compressors, two-stage variable-speed centrifugal compressors and high-output two-stage piston compressors, the company offers a selection of oil-lubricated and portable compressors, as well as air treatment equipment and accessories. Its products are known for producing high-quality air, and helping manufacturers reduce their cost of operations and increase efficiency.

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