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York Fluid Controls Ltd

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Flux drum and container pumps are available in Canada from York Fluid Controls.

When the application requires that differing liquids be transferred quickly, economically and safely, Flux has the solution. Its drum and container pumps, available in Canada from York Fluid Controls, can measure out varying quantities of differing liquids — even hazardous products — safely, and can cope with peak loadings. To suit the needs of a wide variety of processing and manufacturing industries, all Flux pumps are available in different materials, with a range of options, and a powerful drum pump motor.

Find the perfect combination

A Flux drum pump is always a “two-component team” consisting of a drive motor and a pump, which are both universally interchangeable. Pumps are available in different materials, including stainless steel, hastelloy C, aluminum alloy, polypropylene and polyvinylidene fluoride, with a choice between a mechanical seal or a sealless version. In addition, mixed centrifugal and axial impellers are available to suit differing head and flow applications.

Flux pumps feature a reliable drive motor, now more powerful than ever. The unit’s new FEM 4070 drum pump motor is electronic, adjustable and ideal for transferring neutral, aggressive, non-flammable liquids. It features integrated no-volt release for optimum safety during the filling process, variable speed, a 500-watt power pack equipped with four speed ranges, overload protection, an ergonomically designed handle, a compact design, high durability, low noise level, advanced flow rate, and much more. A wide range of electric or compressed air motors are available in addition to FEM 4070, enabling users to find a matched power unit throughout the pump range, even in hazardous locations or when pumping highly flammable liquids.

In addition, a variety of accessories are available to suit the needs of each application, from protection against emission of noxious vapours through to the volumetric measurement of liquids.


High-quality Flux pumps are available in Canada from York Fluid Controls, a specialty stocking distributor. The Brampton, Ont.-based company carries Flux pump kits, barrel and container pumps, worm-drive pumps, sanitary drum pumps, vertical centrifugal immersion pumps and more. For details on the wide selection, contact York Fluid Controls.


York Fluid Controls Ltd

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