REDwire Flowmax pumps an innovation in fluid handling

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Flowmax piston pumps are available from Exel North America.

Kremlin Rexson is known for innovation in the dispensing solutions market. It’s the brand behind Flowmax piston pumps, which is recognized worldwide as a major breakthrough in fluid handling because it is able to handle the widest range of materials, and stand up to intensive use at the same time. 

Flowmax features

There are many best-in-class features that make Kremlin Rexson Flowmax piston pumps stand out. For example, the Flowmax technology is able to handle many different materials, including isocyanates, UV products, and all moisture-sensitive or waterborne-based materials. And, thanks to its unsurpassed quality bellows, which can operate for 10 million cycles (up to eight years), Flowmax ensures total leak-free sealing.

The piston pump has a sleek design with very few parts, which increases its reliability and lifetime. It is also maintenance free.  

Flowmax is known for its performance. It has a high output, as it has the ability to feed several guns. In addition, it features high suction power for materials up to 4,000 cps. And, to ensure it is able to meet the pressure needs of each application, the pump’s air motor is available in three sizes. If 24-7 use is required, a turbo air motor is also available. 

The pump is also durable. It features a triple chrome piston and cylinder, a stainless steel ball and a carbide seat.

More information

Flowmax piston pumps are ideal for use in the manufacture of machine tools, kitchen and bathroom products, furniture and rolling equipment. It is available from Exel North America, a leading manufacturer of quality pumps and spray guns, and the company behind the Kremlin Rexson brand.
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