REDwire Flooring and concrete repair: What you need to know

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LOCTITE flooring and concrete repair products, from Henkel, provide concrete protection and chemical resistance, resulting in improved facility safety.

In today’s harsh industrial environments, facility floors, concrete floors and other concrete structures endure constant abuse. Repair is often necessary. 

If your facility floor needs repairing, here are some important tips to help you get the most out of your efforts:

  • Surface preparation is key. A floor repair is only as good as the concrete or substrate to which it is adhering. It is important to check thoroughly for damaged or loose concrete, because a failure of the substrate below the repair will eventually degrade the integrity of the repair itself. Surface preparation is the most important aspect of any concrete or floor repair.
  • Use a primer. It is always recommended that a primer be used before applying an anti-slip coating. Primers increase adhesion to the substrate and also seal porosity when applied on concrete. The decision of which primer to use is based on the product being used and the substrate. 
  • Product selection is important. When choosing a flooring repair product, there are several factors to consider. First, the anti-slip coating. The most important factor here is profile size. A more aggressive profile will provide better traction and a higher coefficient of friction. A lower profile will provide a better walking surface and will be easier to clean, in addition to the anti-slip properties. It is also important to consider the substrate that is being coated and the type of exposure the coating will endure. In addition, when choosing a floor or concrete repair product, always consider substrate condition, traffic and chemical exposure, and time available to complete the repair.

LOCTITE flooring and concrete repair products, from Henkel, provide concrete protection and chemical resistance, resulting in improved facility safety. The family of LOCTITE Fixmaster and LOCTITE Nordbak concrete repair products, and LOCTITE Fixmaster and LOCTITE Big Foot floor coating systems, offer the solutions needed to keep facilities looking good and performing great. The systems include concrete repair products, primers and sealants, topcoats, and sealants for expansion and control joints. These two- or three-part, pre-measured epoxy and urethane systems are non-shrinking and will bond to concrete without the use of special bonding agents. The full line includes water-based and 100 per cent solids products. They are appropriate for vertical, horizontal and overhead surfaces. The full line includes products in a wide variety of compressive strengths, as well as chemical and temperature resistance.

Henkel adhesive and sealant product specialists are available to assist with selection. Contact Henkel for details. 


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