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Harting's FlexiMon is a modular, adaptive and intelligent production system.

Today's industrial manufacturing environments are characterized by high product mix and diversity, and fluctuating volumes. To remain competitive, manufacturers require the ability to rapidly transition between product builds and to quickly adapt to new designs, which can be a challenge. A flexible automation system with a reasonable measure of autonomy and the ability to make intelligent decisions is the answer, and Harting can help. The company has developed the FlexiMon flexible production system, a modular, adaptive and intelligent production system, to meet this need.

FlexiMon details

The FlexiMon system has the ability to rapidly shift between product types, product configurations, and from large volumes down to Lot Size 1. This is thanks to its many best-in-class features. The system has modular power and data connections. It features a multi-layer architecture for decentralized control and adaptive, self-monitoring assembly cells. In addition, FlexiMon enables parallel execution of different products in a modular production line, as well as real-time data acquisition and tracing of individual production history. The system also features mobile HMI for interactive production process modelling and configuration.

The FlexiMon production system has six underlying principles to help guide its design and concept of operations: modularization, identification/virtualization, integration, digitalization, miniaturization and customization. The system, for example, has the capability to create digital models of physical objects and all associated metadata, as well as the virtualization of production processes and supply chains. It also enables the delivery of mass customized products.

Company details

The FlexiMon production system comes from the bright minds at the Harting Technology Group, and joins the company’s portfolio of rugged and reliable connectivity solutions. The family owned, Germany-based operation employs more than 4,000 people globally, with subsidiaries and branch offices in 40 countries, including one in St. Laurent, Que.

To learn more about the FlexiMon production system, contact Harting Canada.


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