REDwire Flexible chain conveyor components add to the quality and flexibility of Wecon conveyors

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Thanks to FlexMove flexible chain conveyor components, Wecon has expanded its lineup of conveyors.

Wecon is proud to announce that it is an official builder and an authorized distributor for FlexMove, a Dorner Holding Company, in Canada. FlexMove is a flexible chain conveyor components manufacturer known for producing a wide selection of high-quality, simple, flexible and efficient conveyor components.

Thanks to these components, Wecon has expanded its lineup of conveyors to include:

  • Aluminum flexible chain conveyors: These conveyors feature a side-flexing plastic chain that travels on low friction side rails, which are mounted on aluminum extrusion tracks. This allows horizontal turns and elevation changes on a single, continuous run, driven by a single motor. Its compact and neat design allows for a variety of product sizes to be transported.
  • Helix and spiral conveyors: These conveyors are designed to move products up and down to maximize valuable production space. They are often used as buffer conveyors or as a bridge to another height, allowing passage way below the conveyor.
  • Alpine conveyors: This line features a compact spiral configuration that makes them ideal for use as an accumulation or buffer zone, or as an in-line or off-line accumulator. These conveyors maximize vertical space, ensuring the efficient utilization of machines with different speeds.
  • Wedge conveyors: Built with aluminum and stainless steel to meet the standards required for medical and cosmetic packaging, these conveyors have the capability to take products from the production floor to a higher level, or vice versa.
  • Pallet/Twin-track assembly: Designed to facilitate the palletization of similar-sized products, this assembly can be configured in single-, twin- or multi-track systems.

To learn more about FlexMove products in Canada, contact Wecon Systems.


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