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FEIN’s line of specialty surface finishing tools provides optimal results.

When it comes to surface finishing, whether grinding or polishing, the only thing that counts is perfect results. That’s why FEIN offers a wide selection of high-quality power tools designed to satisfy the highest demands for surface finishing on stainless steel, as well as many other materials.

FEIN finishing tools

FEIN’s line of specialty surface finishing tools provides optimal results for coarse and fine finishing on flat surfaces, profiles or pipe. The lineup includes:

WPO 14-25 E: This high performance finishing tool is designed for grinding, satin finishing, brushing and mirror-finish polishing stainless steel surfaces. It offers variable speed and extreme power — from 900 to 2,500 rpm. Even at low speeds, this tool provides constant speed and torque thanks to mechanical gear reduction and FEIN’s 1,200-watt high power motor.

BF 10-280 E: Designed for corners and edges in stainless steel processing, this compact belt file features FEIN’s high performance motor for maximum material removal and constant speed, even under heavy load. In addition, it can be used with different grinding, fleece and polishing belts.

RS 10-70 E: This compact pipe polisher is designed for use on stainless or steel pipe with diameters from 3/8 to 1-3/4 inches. It features FEIN’s high performance motor for constant speed, even under load, and offers different belt speeds for efficient use with grinding, fleece and polishing belts. It is compact, with a rotatable arm that provides flexibility even in tight spaces.

RS 12-70 E: This stainless or steel pipe polishing professional set is ideal for use with standard applications in tube processing, including grinding, satin finishing and mirror-finish polishing, even in previously installed hand rails. It offers efficient grinding of weld seams thanks to the cutting speed of the flexible grinding belts. These belts conform to surfaces, even sharp pipe curves, resulting in a seamless finish.

KS 10-38 E: Designed for hard-to-reach and low head-height areas, corners and angles, this compact fillet weld grinder features a unique tool-free, rotating arm for flexible operation. 

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Not only do FEIN’s surface finishing tools promise flawless results, but they also offer outstanding ergonomics for fatigue-free, energy-saving work. To learn more about its wide selection of surface finishing tools, contact FEIN Canada


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