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Springs & Things can offer a variety of finishing services.

Springs & Things prides itself on designing springs that perform, and manufacturing them to last. The Mississauga, Ont.-based manufacturer often works with customers that require a specially designed spring for a new product, and the company is able to provide an ideal solution thanks to its flexibility in design, manufacturing and material selection

One important aspect of Springs & Things’ versatility is the wide selection of coatings and finishes it can offer. From zinc phosphate to passivation on stainless steel, the various finishing processes available can improve performance, provide corrosion protection, and achieve the desired look.
Finishing processes

Zinc phosphate is a commonly used finish for protecting against corrosion, or as a base for lubricants or paint. The phosphating process involves the application of phosphoric acid and phosphate salts by spraying or immersion. This coating chemically reacts with the part’s surface and forms a layer of insoluble, crystalline phosphates. Oil or other sealers are then added. 

Electroless nickel plating is typically used to prevent corrosion and wear. The process consists of using a reducing agent, such as hydrated sodium hypophosphite, that reacts with metal ions and deposits metal onto the workpiece. Unlike electroplating, there is no need to pass an electric current through the solution. This method offers a number of benefits, including a uniform deposit no matter the geometry of the workpiece, and the ability to deposit on non-conductive surfaces when the right pre-plate catalyst is used.

Passivation on stainless steel provides additional corrosion-resistance. While stainless steels are resistant to corrosion on their own, they are susceptible to certain modes of corrosion, such as rouging. Rouging begins when grain boundaries or bits of foreign matter allow water to oxidize the iron in specific spots. Passivation prevents this by removing exogenous iron, cleaning the part, and creating a passive oxide layer. 

More details

Some of the other available finishes include: wax after plating; PVC, vinyl, nylon and Plastisol dip or spray; paint, including powder coating and e-coating; vibratory and tumbling; or ultrasonic and electro cleaning. With these capabilities, Springs & Things can offer the ideal finish for any application. 

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