REDwire FiltermistXcel2 filters out the competition in oil mist removal

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FiltermistXcel2 is the number one choice for oil mist removal as an industrial grade oil mist collector.

While oil mist may sound harmless, this slick, small airborne droplet of oil is one of several pollutants that cannot be extracted by standard ventilation.

Oil mist is measured at a particle size between 0.1 to 10 microns while in machining, particle size increases to 1 to 10 microns. Although the human body provides some form of self-defence to these powerful particles, professional extraction at the source is optimal.

Where does oil mist come from? Think high speed rotating or heated mechanical parts, flushing nozzles, or lubricant spray or misting systems. The result? Fire hazards, faults in electrical control panels or costly slip and fall injury employee claims – because of the increased risk caused by discreet, yet damaging accumulation of oil mist on slippery work floors and the lack of an appropriate oil mist collector.

AMT Machine Tools offers an extensive inventory of Filtermist Oil Mist Collectors and accessories specially designed for oil mist, dust and smoke removal. You pick the Filtermist, we install it.

But of course, we always here to provide recommendations and guidance in selecting the appropriate unit: take a peek out our S-Series and FX lineup of Filtermist oil mist products  just right for your specific industrial application.

FiltermistXcel2 is the number one choice for oil mist removal as an industrial grade oil mist collector

Cut those cleaning and maintenance bills for good: centrifugal impaction provides the most efficient method to collect oil mist by dropping costs for expensive coolants while boosting company savings because of its quiet and energy efficient manufacturing.

Enhance workflow productivity: FiltermistXcel2 is designed to integrate with the widest possible range of machine tools with increased machine speeds without pollution, compact and lightweight construction with multiple mounting options for easy installation.

Most of all, take your health back: because our specialized oil mist removal system removes 99.5% of oil mist at the source, clean oil is returned to machine and ultimately, clean air is returned to work place leaving workspaces with a breath of fresh air due to prevention of respiratory ailments.


AMT Machine Tools Ltd

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