REDwire Filtermist mist eliminators can remove heat and steam from industrial processes

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Filtermist units are capable of removing oil mist, smoke, steam and heat.

Filtermist mist eliminators are used to remove oil mist and smoke from a wide variety of facilities in industries ranging from aerospace and automotive to medical and food processing. But the applications for Filtermist products do not end there. For instance, one manufacturer uses Filtermist units to remove heat and steam from industrial washing processes.

The need

Clean-Tek is a manufacturer of washing, degreasing and ultrasonic equipment. The company's offering ranges from economical bench top models to custom-made high volume machines for aerospace, automotive and other applications.

The company's rotary washers heat a water-based detergent solution to about 75 degrees C and then spray-clean the parts as they rotate. Before an operator can open the machine, the heat and steam must be safely removed. That's where the Filtermist unit comes in. At the end of the wash cycle, the mist eliminator extracts the heat and steam through the side of the washer. 

The Filtermist solution

As the steam enters the mist eliminator, it impacts rotating impellers and cool air is added to aid in condensation. The heat gets dispersed through the top of the filter and the water is collected and returned to the machine reservoir. 

For this application, a high temperature, corrosion-resistant Filtermist unit was provided. The stainless steel Filtermist FX6000 was designed to withstand high temperatures and handle the high volume of steam that is produced by front loading parts washers and similar applications. 

According to Clean-Tek general sales manager Clive Ward, the Filtermist unit was the ideal solution. 

"The Filtermist mist filter fits well with the machine's profile and performance. It reflects the build quality, is space efficient, robust, reliable and reasonably priced."

Filtermist mist eliminators are available in Canada through AMT Machine Tools. For more information, visit the company’s website.


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