REDwire FiberSensing products for smart structure monitoring available from Durham Instruments

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HBM's FiberSensing products are available from Durham Instruments.

Durham Instruments carries FiberSensing products for smart structure monitoring from HBM, a global leader in the test and measurement industry. These products — an optical accelerometer, optical temperature sensor and probe, and an optical tilt sensor — offer the robustness necessary for long-term reliability in measuring applications.

Optical accelerometer

The HBM FiberSensing FS65 single-axis accelerometer is a Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) based sensor, which means it is ideal for use in a wide range of monitoring applications where low frequency and small amplitude vibrations are present, such as measuring the ambient-induced vibration of civil structures. The accelerometer is completely passive, offering inherent immunity to all electromagnetic effects (EMI, RFI, sparks, etc.). It also offers remote sensing and is safe to operate in hazardous environments. FS65 features a robust aluminum case design, as well as IP68 protection class and armour cables, ensuring long-term reliability. In addition, it allows the connection of a large number of sensors to a single optical fibre, reducing network and installation complexity. 

Optical temperature sensor

HBM FiberSensing FS63 Temperature Sensors are also FBG-based. They are ideal for a variety of temperature measuring applications, particularly temperature mapping in large structures. The sensors can be bonded to surfaces and materials, spot welded to structures and components, or attached or directly cast into concrete wet mix. Like the FS65, these sensors offer robustness, immunity to electromagnetic effects, multiplexing capability and remote sensing. 

High temperature dielectric probe

The FS63 high temperature dielectric probe is capable of withstanding high temperatures and intense electromagnetic fields. The FBG-based sensor is completely non-metallic and uses only heat-resistant and highly dielectric materials. It offers a rugged construction with Kevlar and PTFE strength layers, as well as high longitudinal and transversal protection. In addition, the probe allows the possibility of connecting several sensors to the same optical channel in a single interrogator, using active or passive multiplexers.

Optical tilt sensor

The HBM FiberSensing FS64 tilt sensor is designed to measure small angle variations towards the vertical. Ideal applications include slopes and bridge pillars. The sensor uses two FBG in an innovative push-pull configuration, which allows for effective temperature compensation. Like the FS65 and FS63, it offers robustness, immunity to electromagnetic effects, multiplexing capability and remote sensing. 
For more information on HBM’s FiberSensing products, contact Durham Instruments.  


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