REDwire Festo’s pneumatic products increase efficiencies for global packaging producer

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This winding machine is equipped with standard cylinders DSBC, which allow the rollers on the machine to be correctly aligned, depending on the load.

Storopack understands the importance of packaging products — the the right packaging products in the right quantity and quality can help protect goods in transit. To help produce its quality packaging material efficiently, this fast growing, global company relies on Festo, incorporating some of its sturdy, durable standard cylinders and valves into its production equipment.

Air cushions and compressed air

At locations in Cincinnati, Ohio and Wildau, Germany (near Berlin), Storopack produces its AIRplus film rolls to supply to distributors and customers throughout the world. During the primary process, plastic granulate is formed into basic plastic film at blown film lines. This is then wound onto rolls by winding machines. These machines are equipped with Festo’s standard cylinders DSBC, which allow the rollers of the winding machines to be correctly aligned, depending on the load.

During the secondary process, the film is configured to the required dimensions and perforations, and packed as finished AIRplus rolls. Stamping tools are used to seal and perforate the infinite plastic film to form air cushions of specific widths and lengths. These lines are also equipped with Festo’s pneumatic cylinders DSBC, as well as rotary cylinders DSNU-PPS, compact cylinders ADN and short-stroke cylinders ADVC, controlled in each case by individual valves CPE 14.

Self-adjusting cushioning

The self-adjusting pneumatic cushioning of the DSNU-PPS reduces vibrations, enabling high speeds and short machine cycles. In addition, the DSNU with PPS never needs to be adjusted, which means that sources of error such as incorrect adjustment or accidental re-adjustment are no longer an issue. The PPS cushioning efficiently converts energy, effectively brakes loads, and adjusts perfectly to load and speed, even when these change. PPS self-adjusting cushioning ensures optimum cushioning performance at all times, without the need for any manual intervention.

The advantages

Incorporating these products into its machines has resulted in reduced errors and costs, and increased efficiencies. An added bonus is that these pneumatic products are part of Festo’s “stars in automation” line, which means that they are always available worldwide from stock, can be ordered online, and are ready for dispatch in 24 hours.

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