REDwire Festo semi-rotary drives offer performance and flexibility

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Festo's twin-piston semi-rotary drive DRRD combines the bearing and the flange into one functional element.

Festo takes performance and flexibility to a new level with its twin-piston semi-rotary drive DRRD, designed for applications that require a rotation function. This high performance and flexibility is thanks to the device’s innovative design and the multiple sizes and variants offered.

Innovative design 

This unit combines the bearing and the flange into one functional element. This feature allows the bearing inside the body of the unit to be larger, which increases the stiffness of the product. In addition, it enables the device to dynamically move high loads with greater stability. The unique design allows the drives to be precisely positioned, which increases its reliability. 

Variety of options

The DRRD is available in a wide range of sizes, with many variants, which greatly increases its flexibility. Variants include external damping, middle position, energy feed-through, end lock, sensing and sealed options. Cushioning choices include an internal option for applications with limited space, or an external option for applications that require maximum torque in the end position. A completely sealed model with an IP65-based splash-proof design offers reliability in harsh environments. Multiple mounting options, adaptor plates and sensor options are also available. 

Many advantages

Thanks to the innovative design and broad range of variants offered, users can realize many benefits, including high accuracy in the end positions, high bearing load capacity, very good axial run-out at the flanged shaft, high mass moments of inertia, low backlash and more. 

Indeed, Festo brings the rotation function to a new level of flexibility with its twin-piston semi-rotary drive DRRD. To learn more, contact Festo


Festo Inc

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