REDwire Festo enhances its electric linear axis with improved features

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Festo's electric linear axis EGC now offers high dynamic response and speed, a newly defined rigidity, and a high load bearing capacity.

Festo is committed to producing innovative products, and continuously improving its offering. The company’s extremely versatile electric linear axis EGC is the latest in its portfolio that has been enhanced to deliver more. The unit now offers high dynamic response and speed, a newly defined rigidity, and a high load bearing capacity — the perfect combination for maximum results.

EGC details

Festo offers 54 different EGC configurations, so there is something for everyone. The unit can be configured as an electric tooth belt drive, spindle drive or driveless guide axis, depending on the user’s needs, and it comes in standard or heavy-duty (HD) variants. Extended slide, second slide and protected slide configurations are also possible. All 54 configurations are in stock and ready to ship.

All variants feature specially developed aluminum profiles with an optimized cross-section that give maximum rigidity to absorb very high torques and forces with maximum load capacity. The HD variants, ideal for use in cantilever systems, offer very high load-bearing capacity laterally to axis Mx with a factor of two compared to the standard axis, and effectively absorbs lateral forces and torque.

Optional safety features are also available to create a safety-related handling axis. These include position sensing using inductive proximity sensor SIES-8M, an incremental displacement encoder for safety-related two-channel solutions or increased positioning accuracy of the toothed belt axis, and a clamping unit for clamping the slide in safety-related applications. Festo also offers ideally matched motors and controllers.

An industry leader

It’s solutions like this, and the company’s commitment to innovation and continuous improvement, that have made Festo a global leader in automation technology, with a lineup spanning from individual products to ready-to-install solutions. The company has locations across the globe, including Canadian offices in Mississauga, Ont., Montreal and Quebec City.

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