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FEIN's Slugger annular cutters offer best-in-class features and specifications that make them ideal for a wide range of applications.

FEIN is a leader when it comes to producing high-quality drills and electric power tools for demanding applications. Among these tools are the company’s popular Slugger annular cutters

Like all of FEIN’s products, the cutters offer best-in-class features and specifications that make them ideal for a wide range of applications. The lineup includes:


Made of M2 high-speed steel, HSS high-speed steel cutters feature a ¾-inch Weldon shank, with available depths of one, two, three, four and six inches. They are available in both imperial and metric dimensions, and offer a long service life.


HSS Titanium Nitride cutters feature TiN coatings designed to improve tool life by increasing surface hardness of the tool and offering greater lubricity. These cutters are ideal for applications where the material being cut is difficult to machine. They are available with ¾-inch Weldon shanks, and depths of one and two inches. 


Carbide-tipped cutters are designed for cutting materials that are hard to machine and for applications where higher revolutions per minute are desired for increased hole making capability. These cutters are able to produce accurate holes without pilot drilling, and adapt quickly to most drill presses or magnetic based drills. They are available with ¾-inch Weldon shank and threaded drives, and depths of one and two inches (though three- and four-inch depths are available upon request). 

Tap size cutters

Slugger cutters are available in various tap size configurations — from a tap size of ½ to two inches, and depths of one and two inches. These tools are designed to produce the proper tap drill size required.

Sheet metal cutters

Thin metal cutters are designed for cutting sheet metal, light tubing, rubber, fibre materials and some plastics. Designed for use with hand-held drilling equipment, sheet metal cutters drill up to three times faster, have superior tool life, and reduced grabbing when compared to hole saws. They also offer minimum material deformation, and are available in a wide range of cutting diameters and depths.  

Truck frame cutters

Truck frames are usually multi-layered and manufactured to retain extraordinary strength and durability. Frame materials are more difficult to drill, so an effective way to combat this problem is to use an ID-style cutter that is also TiN coated. The resulting cutter simultaneously permits continuous drilling through layers, enhances cutting performance and extends tool life.

Industrial arbours

Industrial arbours quickly and easily adapt Slugger cutters to most types of conventional drill press and CNC machinery, increasing the versatility and capacities of many machines. Industrial arbours feature spring-loaded slug ejection systems, and are available in many sizes and shank configurations. 

Short sluggers

Capable of drilling materials up to ¾-inch thick, short sluggers are available in standard sizes from 1/2 to 1-¹/16 inches. They feature a compact design with a ½-inch shank drive that easily slips into the drive arbour. This allows the sluggers to adapt quickly to magnetic drills and stationary drill presses. 

To learn more about the company’s lineup of Slugger annular cutters, contact FEIN


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