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Fein Power Tool Company

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FEIN’s new GSZ line of die grinders are available in a broad range of power and RPM options.

FEIN Power Tool Company recently unveiled the new GSZ line of die grinders with a broad range of power and RPM options. The new grinders, available in seven models, provide more choice to users based on their specific industry and application.

“We’re offering three different power classes: a 350 watt, 750 watt and 1,010 watt to cover a range of applications, from light deburring or brushing to heavy fabrication,” says J.F. Bosse, national sales manager with FEIN Canadian Power Tool Company.

Within each power class, operators can also choose the right RPM to ensure the tool is ideally matched to the job — a critical feature when it comes to finishing because all of the abrasives have specific RPMs, says Randy McDonald, national product manager.

“Often, not enough attention is paid to the RPM of the abrasives used on die grinders,” McDonald adds.

Putting the wrong abrasive on a power tool can cause a serious accident, but FEIN can help its customers avoid this. The company supplies both power tools and abrasives, so technicians and sales staff know how to pair the right abrasive with the application or tool. 

“You’ve got to match the abrasive to the tool and the tool to the abrasive. Having this broad range of RPM and power choices allows us to easily do that,” says McDonald. 

The new grinders provide enhanced control and quality through built-in technology. Some of them include FEIN POWERtronic tacho electronics, which provides constant speed and torque — a feature critical in finishing applications. 

The grinders also offer ergonomic benefits, such as low vibration and ErgoGrip, to reduce operator fatigue and injuries. New safety features have also been integrated into the grinders. A safety interlock switch prevents the tool from starting on its own following a power outage. 

FEIN has been a leading power tool manufacturer for more than 140 years. FEIN Canadian Power Tool Company, located in Mississauga, Ont., offers a range of high-quality power tools and accessories. 


Fein Power Tool Company

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