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The Barksdale BPS3000, available from Wainbee, combines all the must-have features of a modern electronic pressure switch, including compact design, high performance and easy operation.

The Barksdale BPS3000, available from Wainbee, combines all the must-have features of a modern electronic pressure switch, including compact design, high performance and easy operation.

Below are the top six features of the device.


1. Compact and modern design – The BPS3000 enables simple installation in confined spaces. Its angled top display is esthetically pleasing and the simple setup logic is a true functional benefit.

2. Rotatable 320-degree display and electrical connection – Due to the rotatable 320-degree display and electrical connection, the mounting and installation of the BPS3000 will accommodate a multitude of applications.

3. Flexible display – The four-digit 14-segment LED display ensures perfect readability independent of the positioning. Even when mounting upside down, the indication can be viewed correctly as the software allows inversion of the display.

4. High EMI protection – Harsh environmental circumstances with dust or water being present are not a problem for the BPS3000. Continuous operation is achieved by a sophisticated housing and sealed keypad. The high EMI protection allows installation where high power equipment or walkie-talkies are in use (e.g., in steel and power industries).

5. Performance – Simple configuration allows customers to standardize on one series of pressure switch that will operate from vacuum to 9,000 psi in air, hydraulic fluid and gas media with the highly accurate and repeatable sensor. With 0.5 per cent accuracy across all pressure ranges and 0.1 per cent repeatability, the industrial electronic switch will meet most application demands. The dual switch option with zero to 10 V or 4-20 mA analog outputs will enable precise measurement and sensing every time.

6. Easy operation – The simple menu allows users to easily navigate through the programing menu options, ascending and descending through the standardized menu with easy response push-buttons. Its safety tamper setting can also help prevent accidental operation.

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