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Matritech Inc.

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By offering assembly services, Matritech is giving its customers the choice to order a complete assembly.

Matritech prides itself on being much more than a metal parts manufacturer. It’s a one-stop shop that is committed to meeting all of its customers’ needs, from design to delivery. Among the many services the company offers is assembly.

Assembly services

Matritech has an assembly department that can easily adapt to various scenarios and operational processes. Its assembly capabilities include bolting, bonding, riveting, crimping, labeling, bagging and packing in boxes, according to customer-specified requirements.

Many advantages

There are several benefits to selecting the assembly option when working with Matritech. One major advantage is the Matritech team, which consists of experienced technicians with the creativity to come up with simple, efficient methods for quick assembly. This meticulous assembly team is dedicated to delivering the best job possible.

Another advantage is that choosing Matritech reduces the complexity associated with multiple vendors. By offering assembly services, Matritech is giving its customers the choice to order a complete assembly, thus only a single item, instead of having multiple purchases and deliveries from various suppliers.

An added bonus: Ordering preassembled items enables customers to free up their production floor to focus on specialized operations that will set them apart from their competitors.

One-stop shopping

The complete range of services offered by Matritech includes design, laser cutting, CNC punching, robotic and CNC bending, robotic and manual welding, stamping, CNC machining, tooling, extrusion, assembly, coating and on-time delivery. In addition, Matritech has superb customer service and technical support, making it a top choice for companies in many industries.

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Matritech Inc.

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