REDwire Farm equipment manufacturer sees significant savings with new finishing system

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The manufacturer selected the Kremlin Rexson PU2160F pump system from Exel North America.

A manufacturer of bale feeders and accumulators recently converted to isocyanate-free polyurethane coatings for their performance and environmental advantages. However, the finishing system the company employed at the time used manual measure and mix methods, which were messy and time consuming, and offered inconsistent quality. The manufacturer needed a finishing solution that would allow it to take advantage of the benefits its new coating had to offer.

The solution

The manufacturer selected the Kremlin Rexson PU2160F pump system, which offers many features and advantages. Not only is the PU2160F proportioner easy-to-install and use, but it is designed to provide portability. It features a convenient cart mount, and comes complete with all the necessary accessories to get started right away. It is chemically compatible with most 2k materials, and offers a range of fixed ratios, which makes it suitable for virtually all finish coatings. Additional features include a leak-free catalyst pump with an exclusive Flowmax bellows seal design, catalyst recirculation capabilities, and small fluid sections, which enable quick colour change. 

The quick payback

After purchasing this system, the customer realized many benefits. These include a 15 per cent material savings over the manual method it previously employed, and significant labour savings. Plus, the system offered assured material quality with its automatic ratio control, which meant no more inconsistent results. Thanks to these advantages, the company saw a total savings of $300 per day, saving them $9,000 after the first month. 

An industry leader

Exel North America manufactures a large portfolio of pumps and spray guns for customers across the globe under its Kremlin Rexson and Sames brands. The company has earned a reputation as an expert in finishing and dispensing solutions, thanks to the high quality and reliability of its solutions. Exel North America has many examples of how its customers have experienced quick paybacks following the purchase of its products. 

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