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When it comes to on-the-job safety, footwear plays a major role. It is important to look at the specific job and work environment to determine the type of safety footwear required. For electrical workers, in particular, there are a few key factors to consider.

Toe and sole safety

Often, the environments that electrical workers are in require a safety toe designed to protect against the impact of heavy objects falling on, or rolling over, the toes. Electrical workers will also benefit from having a shoe or boot with a puncture-resistant sole plate to protect against sharp objects penetrating through the sole of the footwear. 

CSA certification 

The CSA has three main classifications when it comes to the categorization of safety footwear from the perspective of electrical conductivity. 

  • Insulating footwear (also known as non-conductive), classified as Electric Shock Resistant (ESR), is recommended for industries where workers are at risk of making accidental contact with live electrical conductors. 
  • Static Dissipative (SD) footwear is designed to dissipate static through outer soles made from anti-static materials. SD footwear is recommended for industries where static discharge can create a hazard to either the wearer or the equipment. 
  • Conductive footwear, designed with soles that are electrically conductive, is recommended for any industry where static discharge may create a hazard of explosion.

Look and fit

As comfort and performance technology in safety footwear continues to develop and expand, workers are provided more choices of features to suit their needs. For example, if the electrical worker regularly climbs ladders, footwear with a sole that provides stability through such features as a 90-degree heel, or specially grooved treads designed to grip ladder rungs, may be a good option.

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A trusted expert

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