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Alps Welding has produced thousands of custom pressure vessels to meet its customers’ diverse needs since it was founded in 1974.

Alps Welding has produced thousands of custom pressure vessels to meet its customers’ diverse needs since it was founded in 1974. Within the last seven years, with its investment in a state-of-the-art 55,000-square-foot fabrication facility in Woodbridge, Ont., Alps Welding has developed the ability to manufacture custom equipment up to 18 feet in shipping envelope and weighing up to 70 tons.  

“We can produce equipment for a wide variety of specialized applications, including items that are suited to low-temperature or high-corrosion environments,” the company says. “Our huge facility means we can easily handle jobs of almost any scale.”

The company makes custom process equipment from carbon steel and stainless steel, including alloys such as Inconel, Monel and Hastelloy. It can even produce equipment from titanium. 

One example of the many complex projects the company has completed is a carbon steel flare drum it produced for a major integrated oil company. The vessel weighed more than 155,000 pounds upon completion, and had a shell 15 inches in diameter, with a shipping envelope of approximately 18 feet by 18 feet. 

“We fabricated the drum, including the complicated internal components, and shipped it by truck from Southwestern Ontario to Montreal. But before we prepared the vessel for shipping, we partially insulated it to cut down on the work required at the site,” the company explains.

The process equipment Alps Welding produces is used in a variety of process industries, including water treatment, steelmaking, petrochemicals, and oil and gas. The team’s experience gives them the technical knowledge to meet the varied requirements for these applications, and to understand client specifications.

The company provides more than fabrication services; it also offers design, assembly, installation of electrical and instrumentation components, and more. 

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