REDwire Extreme-duty gear pump designed for longevity, serviceability and adaptability

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Designed to survive the challenge of liquids containing abrasives, the Gorman-Rupp G Series extreme-duty pump is a rugged, long-lasting pump.

Designed to survive the severe challenge of liquids containing abrasives, the Gorman-Rupp G Series extreme-duty pump combines proven gear pump technology with state-of-the-art wear-resistance, making it the world’s toughest, longest-lasting gear pump. Available in cast iron with capacities to 146 GPM, pressures to 200 PSI and viscosities to 250,000 SSU, the extreme-duty pump offers many of the performance features found on all G Series pumps, as well as innovative and unique abrasion-resistant features that provide the best service life possible under many extreme wear applications.

The pump’s top six features include: 

1. Wear-resistant rotor and idler: Hard, austempered ductile iron gears resist abrasive wear, extending pump life. A computer-designed gear tooth profile provides smooth, quiet pumping flow.

2. Wear-resistant pump head and housing: Critical wear areas of both the head and housing are hardened to resist wear and maintain maximum pump efficiency.

3. Carbide idler pin and idler bushing: Extremely hard carbide pin and bushing provide excellent wear resistance under the most severe abrasive applications.

4. Needle bearing shaft support: Unique, precision needle bearing provides exceptionally reliable high-load shaft support and better rotor shaft stability, extending the seal life and operational life of the pump.

5. Exclusive seal cavity design: A state-of-the-art mechanical seal sits in a tapered seal bore and extends seal life by directing abrasives away from the seal faces and out of the pump.

6. Hard face mechanical seal: Silicone carbide seal faces mounted in a highly engineered mechanical seal ensure maximum life and reliability with minimal wear.

Another bonus: the pump’s intelligent design makes servicing faster, easier and more cost-effective. A unique back pull-out design allows service and maintenance without disconnecting the pump housing from piping, while the O-ring design on the relief valve allows for adjustment during operation, without leakage.

The Gorman-Rupp G Series extreme-duty pump is available from Brampton, Ont.-based York Fluid Controls


York Fluid Controls Ltd

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