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Amatom's top-quality electronic hardware is available from Gould Fasteners.

Gould Fasteners takes great care in selecting the companies it partners with, and only distributes products from manufacturers that meet its strict quality standards. It’s no surprise, then, that Amatom products are among the company’s portfolio. Known for its ingenuity and reliability, and backed by more than 50 years of experience, Amatom manufactures and supplies top-quality electronic hardware to manufacturers and assembly markets across the globe.

A comprehensive catalogue

Amatom’s lineup includes:

  • Fixed, folded and locking handles in a variety of shapes, sizes, finishes and materials;
  • Round, hex, square and anti-rotation standoffs in different lengths, diameters, finishes, threads and materials, as well as male and female and hinged types;
  • Round or hex standoffs swage, also available in multiple lengths, diameters, finishes, threads and materials;
  • Spacers in round and hex varieties, in a selection of materials, finishes, lengths, diameters and threads;
  • Jack and captive panel screws in multiple sizes;
  • Flat and shoulder washers in a variety of materials, finishes, lengths and threads;
  • Ferrules in multiple styles, lengths, materials, finishes and threads; and
  • Captive panel retainers in different materials, finishes, lengths and threads.

Additional details

Amatom's externally threaded products, like its male/female standoffs and captive screws, for example, are made from brass or steel, so they are manufactured smaller to accommodate the plating process. For applications that do not require plating, Amatom will manufacture products on a special order basis.

As its distributor, Gould Fasteners can help determine the most appropriate product for the application. Its experienced, knowledgeable and friendly staff welcome the opportunity to assist customers with their requirements, making the purchasing process easier.

To learn more, contact Gould Fasteners.


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