REDwire Extension vs. torsion: Selecting the right door spring

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Springs & Things Inc

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Springs & Things manufactures high-functioning door springs.

Springs & Things is a trusted supplier of springs and parts with spring-like qualities for a reason — the Mississauga, Ont.-based company offers quality products and reliable service every time. It also offers advice on which spring is best suited for a specific application, often saving its customers money in the process. 

Companies across the U.S. and Canada look to Springs & Things to support many every-day applications, including doors in both residential and commercial buildings. The company manufactures high-functioning door springs, available in both extension and torsion spring designs, for doors of varying sizes.

There are several factors to consider when selecting an extension or torsion spring for a door, including door height, spring length and weight capacity. For example, extension springs are used for taller doors. When selecting an extension, spring length must be considered, as well as the spring’s capacity to lift a certain amount of weight. 

Extension springs are often chosen over torsion springs for this application because of their compatibility with balance and lock mechanisms, and the fact that they can be designed in almost any length with end hooks or loops. Many length and load adjustments are also available to prevent hook failure. 

The company’s extension springs are available in sizes ranging from .008 to 0.562 inches. 

There are certainly many benefits to using extension springs in door applications; however, there are instances when torsion springs are more advantageous. For example, torsion springs should be used when the storage of rotational energy and applied torque is required. This is because Springs & Things’ designs minimize friction and noise with enough space between the coils. 

Torsion springs are also available in sizes ranging from .008 to 0.562 inches. 

Often customers are unsure which spring is the best for their specific application. That’s why Springs & Things has sales and design staff dedicated to helping customers find the right in stock spring or prototype to meet their specific needs. 

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Springs & Things Inc

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