REDwire Experience and innovation make THI mass flow instruments the ‘finest’ on the market

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The THI Mass Flow 300 Metaline Series includes models HFM-300 and HFC-302.

Teledyne Hastings Instruments (THI) products are backed by more than 60 years of experience in the design and manufacture of mass flow products. These products have earned a reputation for reliability and accuracy, and the company’s HFC 300 Series mass flow instruments are no exception. In fact, according to THI, these instruments are the finest flow meters and controllers available today thanks to their innovative, rugged design, high accuracy and ease of maintenance.

Design features: There are a number of features that set these instruments apart from others. For example, they are inherently linear, which means that linearization circuitry is not required. If recalibration is necessary in the field, the customer simply sets to zero and spans points. In addition, the output signal is linear for very large overflows, and will not come back on scale when a flow an order of magnitude over the full scale flow rate is measured.

Highly accurate: The THI Mass Flow 300 Metaline Series meters and controllers are designed to accurately measure mass flow without corrections or compensations for gas pressure and temperature. They are accurate to better than ±0.75 per cent of full-scale for .005 to 10 slm, and ±1.0 per cent of full-scale for 10 to 25 slm.

Easy to maintain: THI mass flow instruments do not require any periodic maintenance under normal operating conditions with clean gases. No damage will occur from the use of moderate overpressures or overflows. And, thanks to the unit’s removable/replaceable sensor module, it’s simple to remove or replace the sensor when necessary. In addition, thanks to the large internal diameter of the sensor tube, which measures 0.026 inches, there is less likely to be a clog.

Rugged: These units use all metal seals, and are constructed of stainless steel, making them ideal for use in many applications, from leak testing, vapour deposition, semiconductor processes and pollution monitoring, to gas blending, research and development, chromatography and more.

The THI Mass Flow 300 Metaline Series, which includes models HFM-300 and HFC-302, is available in Canada from Durham Instruments, a leading supplier of measuring instruments.


Durham Instruments

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