REDwire The Exertherm temperature sensor helps prevent power failures

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The Exertherm infrared temperature sensor fits inside enclosures.

The revolutionary Exertherm temperature sensor, from Exergen and available through Mod-Tronic Instruments, provides reliable thermal monitoring and protection for critical electrical components. Among the compact sensor’s many features, it is designed to fit inside enclosures, provide continuous infrared monitoring, and send readings to a remote PC.

An inside look

Exertherm sensors require no external power. They are placed on the inside of the switchgear enclosure, which ensures a clear view of the target to be measured. The Exertherm’s unique configuration allows the sensors to measure component temperatures in relation to the ambient temperature, so readings are never affected by climatic conditions. 

Continuous IR monitoring

As opposed to alternative solutions that utilize periodic thermal imaging, Exertherm sensors can monitor key switchgear continuously. The sensors constantly send the information to a remote PC, so if there is a problem, it is identified and action can be taken immediately. That means equipment will be protected from major power failures 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Continuous monitoring also allows Exertherm sensors to provide data for trend analysis in an effort to preemptively solve any problems.

Features and applications

Each Exertherm sensor has individual two-stage alarms. The sensors deliver the signal to eight channel data cards that are daisy chain connected. The signal is then sent to a remote PC to be displayed in an easy-to-read format. The Exertherm comes complete with user-friendly software. In the event of a problem, the two audiovisual alarm levels provide time to take action.

This sensor provides reliable protection of electrical switchgear, so it is ideal for critical applications where a power failure could spell disaster. Some examples include defence, media, IT, financial services, and continuous process manufacturing.

For more information on Exertherm sensors or any of the company’s other products, visit the Mod-Tronic Instruments website.


Mod-Tronic Instruments Ltd.

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