REDwire Exel’s TRP robotic applicators a fit for many automotive finishing applications

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The TRP 502 is a twin-gun design that features high paint flow.

Exel North America offers the TRP 501 and 502 robotic applicators for water- or solvent-based paints. These electro pneumatic robotic guns are used for a range of applications in automotive finishing — from car body interiors, door cut-ins, rocker panels and bumpers, to any type of opening (such as ventilation louvers on bumpers), penetration in hollow body (such as dead areas), metallic base coats and more.

Flexible features

The applicators offer a number of features that make them ideal for these different applications. The TRP 501 is a single-gun applicator and the TRP 502 has a twin-gun design. Both feature high flow, with maximum paint flow rates up to 1,200 cubic centimetres per minute for the TRP 502. But that doesn’t mean that they are only meant for spraying large surfaces. They can also handle small items such as tubes, wirework or parts with intricate shapes. It is easy to make adjustments to suit the application. Parameters such as atomization, paint flow and spray pattern can be set remotely, manually or automatically using a PLC.

TRP applicators can be incorporated into all types of application systems. They can be mounted in a stationary position, on a reciprocator, and on a single- or multi-axis robot. They can also be used with all types of liquid paints, including waterborne, solventborne, high-solids, clear coat and two-component varieties. The paint can either be room temperature or preheated to 50 degrees C.

The TRP applicators feature high transfer efficiency thanks to the electrostatic application. They have high voltage that is adjustable from zero to 100 kV.

More information

Exel North America offers these paint applicators through its Sames brand. Sames finishing equipment is recognized around the world for quality and performance. For more information on the TRP 501 and 502 applicators, visit the company’s website.



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