REDwire Exel’s PPH 707 sprayer sets the benchmark for automotive finishing

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The PPH 707 EXT sets the benchmark for automotive finishing.

Exel North America offers a flexible solution for high-performance robotic spraying of water-based materials: the PPH 707 electrostatic external charge sprayer. This sprayer is lightweight and offers full robot compatibility, so it can be easily integrated into any type of multi-axis robot. The PPH 707 EXT also features Hi-TE technology, making it the benchmark in automotive finishing with external charge.

High-performance spraying

This sprayer boasts a number of high-performance features. They include high rotating speeds up to 70,000 rpm, high voltage, a dual circuit that enables fast colour changes, and Hi-TE dual shaping air technology. The sprayer is capable of producing wide or narrow spray patterns and flow rates up to 700 cubic centimetres per minute.

Hi-TE is an air shroud technology that enables variable spray patterns while spraying is in progress. It provides advantages such as high transfer efficiency, excellent colour match, regular and stable spray pattern, high robot speed capability, and better finishing quality.

Easy maintenance

Another key benefit of the PPH 707 EXT is its ease of maintenance. For instance, this sprayer features quick disconnect, magnetic bellcup, and easy-to-access valves and fittings. Plus, it does not require any calibration tools. In addition, the body of the sprayer is designed prevent problems caused by dust and droplets. 


The PPH 707 EXT also provides customers with the benefit of high reliability. This sprayer is built to last with its titanium bellcup, 2.5 million cycle valve life, and a seven-year/30,000-hour turbine warranty. The smart integrated high voltage unit on this sprayer provides long life and safety, with fast energy discharge to prevent any spark.

More information

This sprayer is offered through Exel North America’s Sames brand, which is internationally renowned for quality. To learn more about the benefits of the PPH 707 electrostatic external charge sprayer, contact Exel North America.



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