REDwire Exel’s Accubell paint sprayer features efficient docking station

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The Accubell 709 EVO features flexibility and efficient colour changes.

A compact internal charge bell atomizer with class-leading performance and efficiency is available from Exel North America. The Accubell 709 EVO is a new improvement on the company’s Accubell system. It is designed for robotic spraying of water-based paint, and is used with a docking station that enables fast and efficient colour changes.

Docking station system

A docking station is used with the Accubell 709 EVO to fill the atomizer with paint. The docking station is fixed on the booth wall, and the atomizer is connected to the lifting station during the gap between parts. The docking station then rapidly transfers the exact amount of paint necessary for the next part or batch to an insulated paint reservoir in the atomizer. While painting is in progress, the docking station prepares the next colour. The system provides a number of benefits, including an infinite choice of colours, colour changes in as little as 12 seconds, minimum paint loss during transfer, and no need for paint hoses attached to the robot arm.

Versatile capabilities

The Accubell 709 EVO also offers high flexibility for every type of application. For example, the atomizer provides a strong pattern that is compatible with any tip speed, up to a maximum speed of 1,000 millimetres a second. It is also compatible with any type of multi-axis robot. In addition, the internal charge bell repels overspray, which dramatically reduces contamination and downtime for cleaning.

Additional features

Some of the additional benefits of this atomizer include the magnetic bellcup, dual shaping air capabilities, and paint flow accuracy to one cubic centimetre per minute. The atomizer also features a light weight of only 15 kilograms. It is capable of rotation speeds up to 85,000 revolutions per minute, depending on the diameter of the bellcup used.

This atomizer is offered through Exel North America’s Sames brand, which includes a wide range of high-quality robotic finishing solutions. Visit the company’s website for more information.



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