REDwire Exel offers the SLR rack range for control of automatic sprayers

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The SLR rack range includes the SLR cabinet and the SLR box.

Exel North America can provide a range of automatic finishing solutions and accessories. The SAMES SLR rack range, for example, is a plug-and-play control solution that the company offers for automatic bell and gun type sprayers.

A dedicated module

Each SAMES sprayer, whether it’s a rotary atomizer or pneumo-electrostatic gun, is driven by a dedicated module. These modules (S-BOX Bell or S-BOX Gun) are integrated to the SLR. An SLR box can be used to drive one single sprayer, while an SLR cabinet can drive up to two bell sprayers or four pneumo electrostatic guns.

Control modes

The SLR range makes it easier to install and control paint systems. The module offers two control modes for S-Box modules: local mode allows manual adjustments to spray commands using the module’s front panel, while remote mode enables external control trigger and remote high voltage for robotic applications.

Module options

The SLR rack range is available with a variety of modules that offer versatile capabilities. For instance, the REV 600 control module features a touchscreen and can integrate all of the functions of a process. It can control one or two single-axis reciprocators, three spray zones, six spray controls in each plane, and 20 spray tables.

Some of the other available modules include:

  • The Product Flush and Selection (PFS) control module can manage two colour change circuits, up to six colours, and cycles for spray rinsing.
  • The Gear Pump Control (GPC) module can manage product flow for one or two paint circuits, controlling up to two pumps simultaneously. It provides paint flow precision and stability due to the use of a gear type pump. 
  • The Reciprocator Light Control (RLC) module is used to start the vertical movement of sprayers. It can integrate a number of process functions, including two “up and down” type reciprocators, one zone per reciprocator, five stroke tables, and two fixed programmable positions (which can be used as dedicated rinsing or maintenance positions, for example).

For more information on the liquid finishing solutions available from Exel North America, visit the company’s website.



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