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Exel North America carries a line of finishing solutions for flat-line and linear machines.

Exel North America has earned a reputation as a leading expert in finishing solutions. Its world-class products include a line of finishing solutions for flat-line and linear machines that deliver a superior finish and substantial savings. 

The lineup

Exel North America’s finishing solutions include Airmix automatic spray guns. Available in three models to meet a variety of needs, Airmix spray guns offer controlled atomization and a high-quality finish. Their multiple advantages include lower solvent emissions for a cleaner environment, fast colour changes, higher application efficiency for fast production, and outstanding reliability. In addition, the guns provide high transfer efficiency, which eliminates waste and unnecessary finishing steps. All of these advantages result in major savings — material savings of up to 35 per cent, and up to 50 per cent savings in spray booth waste — which means a quick payback period.

The lineup also includes HVLP and LVLP automatic spray guns, available in three models. The A35 HTi offers maximum performance, excellent finish quality and superior transfer efficiency. The A35 HTV model features a vortex system to provide outstanding penetration and finish quality with spray stains. Lastly, the A35 HPA model has higher airflow than the HTi gun, and offers excellent atomization and outstanding transfer efficiency.

The Cyclomix PH system is also part of the company’s lineup of finishing solutions. This system is designed to provide accurate mixing for acid catalyzed coatings. Complete with 316 stainless steel fluid passages for catalyst, the Cyclomix provides reliability for customers using harsh coatings in single colour applications.     

A variety of pumps are also included in Exel North America’s finishing offerings. The 04.120F and 16.120F Flowmax piston pumps can be used with multiple gun systems, and are designed for spraying medium viscosity coatings. Meanwhile, the PDM 01.175 diaphragm pump is ideal for short or low pressure circulation loops.

More information

Kremlin Rexson is the innovator behind the Airmix, Flowmax and Cyclomix technologies. Through its Sames and Kremlin Rexson brands, Exel North America manufactures a large range of pumps and spray guns for customers across the globe. 

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