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The Thor ram pump and spray gun package features excellent atomization and uniform coating.

When equipment issues bring production to a halt, being able to get a solution quickly is essential. One business that knows this well is Powell Industries, a Texas-based manufacturer of electrical control housings and switches.

The problem

Part of the company's manufacturing process involves applying a water-based coating that seals the bottom of control housings. But when the approved water-based coating was discontinued, Powell was forced to switch to a new coating: a single component silicone material. The new silicone coating was a 100 per cent solids material, and the existing equipment couldn't pump it due to the high solids.
As a result, production had to be halted for a weekend. With the demand for production, Powell had a very small window to find a solution. The company called in a coating contractor to resume production, but they were still not able to apply the material. At this point, Exel North America was brought in to provide a prompt solution. 

Exel North America's solution

The solution chosen was the Thor 63:1 ram pump, along with the manual Airmix Xcite 400 bar spray gun with a number 30 tip. The order was shipped and installed at Powell's site within two days, allowing production to resume.

The Thor pump and spray gun package offers excellent atomization quality and coating film homogeneity. It can be used with the widest range of tips in the world, and is ideal for spraying complex shape parts due to the accurate fan width adjusting knob.

Not only did the new equipment overcome the challenge, it also offered a smoother finish with less overspray and bounce back. According to Powell, the solution delivered precisely what it needed.

For more information on the products available from Exel North America, visit the company website.



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