REDwire Exel North America piston pumps offer increased performance, productivity and sustainability

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The EOS R range of piston pumps feature an extended lifetime, as well as quick and easy maintenance.

There are many advantages to using the EOS R range of piston pumps from Exel North America. Recognized as “best in class” for endurance and maintenance, the piston pumps offer increased performance, productivity and sustainability — a very attractive combination for industrial users, particularly those involved in dispensing protective and finishing coatings on handling and lifting machines. 


The EOS R range of piston pumps (R 03-R440 and 06-R440) were designed to solve many of the common issues faced by paint circulating systems that are required to run constantly. Typical piston pumps running 24-7 have a shorter lifespan and require regular maintenance. The EOS R range, however, features an extended lifetime, as well as quick and easy maintenance. This is because it employs the Kremlin Rexson air switch motor, which requires almost no maintenance. This motor is available in two sizes, ensuring that it delivers the exact pressure needed for each application. Choosing the appropriate size motor for the application results in a high-quality finish and reduced air consumption. In addition, these high performing pumps offer a large fluid section capacity of 440 cc.


These pumps offer increased productivity for several reasons. Quick and easy maintenance and operation, thanks to the divorced design of the fluid section, means that less time is spent maintaining the pumps and more time is spent working. In addition, the piston of the pumps is continuously cleaned with pressurized lubricant, which extends the life of the pump and reduces maintenance to a minimum. Another bonus: the wall-mounted air motor design allows for simple shifting and interchangeability of the fluid section. 


The many features that prolong the life of the pumps are what make these units sustainable. Some of these features include:

  • permanent circulation of the lubricant under pressure, which allows the active cleaning of any particles sticking on the piston;
  • a lifetime of up to 10 million cycles thanks to use of the Kremlin Rexson bellow instead of a lubricant cup; and
  • stainless steel, triple chrome and carbide tungsten construction, which offers optimum wear resistance. 

More information

The EOS paint pump is based on 80 years of technical expertise from Kremlin Rexson. It is available from Exel North America, a leading manufacturer of quality pumps and spray guns, and the company behind the Kremlin Rexson brand.

For more information about the EOS R range of piston pumps, contact Exel North America.



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