REDwire Exel North America offers paint savings with the Nanobell robotic atomizer

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The Nanobell is compact and lightweight because it was designed specifically for robotic applications.

Exel North America can provide the Nanobell robotic atomizer. It is well suited to a range of applications for manufacturers of plastic and metal parts, as well as the wood industry. This sprayer offers many advantages, including low weight, paint savings, flexibility, Hi-TE technology and robust construction.

Versatility and efficiency

One benefit of this robotic atomizer is its versatility. At a weight of only 3.3 kilograms, the Nanobell is light enough to be mounted on small robots or replace guns on existing equipment. It was created specifically for robotic applications and features a compact design that is well suited for operation on difficult angles or complex trajectories. It can also spray both solvent-based and water-based paints, including mono or multi-component varieties.

Another advantage of the Nanobell is high efficiency. It offers paint savings due to the rotary bell cup technology that provides transfer efficiency at a rate that is between 20 and 50 per cent better than an electrostatic or conventional spray gun.

Hi-TE technology

The sprayer uses combined air shroud Hi-TE technology to provide excellent control of the spray, so the width of impact can be adjusted on a proportional basis during application. The Nanobell is capable of providing a narrow pattern for painting edges and small surfaces, while minimizing the amount of paint outside of the target. Alternatively, it can provide large impact on large surfaces to reduce the application time.

The Hi-TE technology used in Nanobell application systems involves the use of an outer cup formed with combined pairs of air holes. This patented design allows rapid atomization changes, flow rates up to 750 cubic centimetres per minute, and a 30 per cent reduction in product losses.

Additional features

The Nanobell robotic atomizer is easy to maintain. It features a sprayer and cover that slide perfectly backwards to provide quick access to the micro valves and connections. The high voltage units also offer high power to handle severe applications involving conditions such as dirt or overspray, application of internal parts, or being close to the ground.

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