REDwire Exel North America helps professional finishing company ‘get the colour right’

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An Xcite Manual Airmix spray gun helps get a uniform finish.

Jody Toole knows what it takes to get a professional finish on wood products. As the owner of Jody Toole’s Professional Finishes in Tujunga, Calif., he is responsible for putting colour on wood, hand mixing stains and glazes, colour matching, distressing, antiquing, refinishing, painted finishes, and paint and glaze finishes. The first step to a professional finish, he says, is to get the colour right. 

“Above all else, get the colour right,” he explains. 

Then you can focus on the look, Toole says, whether it’s Tuscany, French Country, Italian Classic, Rustic, or any traditional paint and glaze finishes.

“When these two are right, and your customer is beaming, then give them a long-lasting durable finish,” he continues.

That is the secret, and what his customers have grown to expect. 

Getting the colour right

Toole relies, not only on his own expertise, but on the expertise of the products and tools he uses in order to get the colour right when he’s finishing custom cabinets, bathrooms, doors, furniture and more. 

To apply a CIC acrylic lacquer, Toole uses a Kremlin 10-14 Airmix System that includes an Xcite Manual Airmix Spray Gun with a number 20 Superfine tip and a OnePass heater to thin the coatings. He heats the paint with the OnePass heater to reduce the viscosity instead of thinning the coatings with solvent. He has been able to reduce his labour costs by 30 per cent because he is now able to get the required mil build in two coats of paint instead of three thanks fo the Kremlin heated Airmix system.

“Heated Airmix gives a glass-like finish,” he explains, adding that the system offers many other benefits. 

“You don’t get the kick-back that you have with airless. It also takes less effort to apply the material,” Toole says. 

A reliable supplier

The Kremlin 10-C18 Airmix System and the Xcite Manual Airmix Spray Gun are available from Exel North America, the manufacturer of the Sames and Kremlin brands of leading finishing and dispensing solutions. To learn more about the company’s extensive line of pumps and spray guns, contact Exel North America



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