REDwire Exel North America helps door manufacturer switch to UV cure coating system

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Exel North America can provide integrated systems that are easy to control from a single panel.

When Total Door Systems, a manufacturer of integrated door systems, was seeking to upgrade its operation to accommodate UV cure coatings, Exel North America provided an ideal solution. Exel North America worked with the customer to develop a complete integrated finishing line, which included providing recommendations, system design, testing and more.

Customer requirements

Total Door Systems’ products use fewer moving parts than traditional doors, and they are all engineered to work together. The company can offer doors to accommodate a practically endless array of design options, so these doors can always be tailored to fit the architect’s design intent. 

The manufacturer was seeking an integrated system that would offer paint savings, uniform films, increased production and system up time. In addition, the company wanted to convert to using UV cure coatings. Because these coatings are more expensive than what was previously used at Total Door, the customer was also seeking better paint mileage.

The solution 

To achieve these objectives, Exel North America recommended the use of a catalyzed UV cure coating. This option enabled fast production, as exposed areas could be UV cured, and recessed non-exposed areas would be cured with the catalyzation of the resins.

The solution included two Sames PPH 707 bell applicators, two Sames RFV 2000 reciprocators, Kremlin Rexson catalyst and resin pumps, a Cyclomix Expert meter mixing system, and PLC controls. This fully integrated system allowed one control panel to control the entire operation.

According to the CEO of Total Door, Patricia Yulkowski, the system delivered the improvements the company was seeking. 

“The paint line improvement results are: 41 per cent increase in coating efficiency, 46 per cent decrease in power consumption (ovens programmed to turn on when product is present), and 212 per cent increase in capacity. We are very pleased with our system.”

As Exel North America worked with the customer to create a solution, it conducted validation tests at its in-house lab that includes three demonstration lines. The validation tests showed that the system would provide many advantages, and it was subsequently installed at Total Door's facility.

For more information on the solutions available from Exel North America, visit the company’s website.



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