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Exel North America carries products used for the manual application of liquid and powder solution in penetrant testing.

Non-destructive testing is a technique used to evaluate the properties of a material, component or system without causing damage. There are multiple testing methods used, and a variety of tools specially designed to aid in these methods. 

Exel North America, an expert in finishing and dispensing solutions, carries products used for the manual application of liquid and powder solution in penetrant testing, a method used to locate surface-breaking defects in non-porous materials.


The Sames Nanogun-MV can be used to manually apply liquid penetrant, from S1 to S4 penetrants. The gun includes intuitive controls, which allow the operator to control pattern width and paint flow rate, resulting in less penetrant waste and significant savings in both penetrant and air. The operator can also easily turn high voltage on and off on the gun. 

The Nanogun-MV features increased operator comfort, thanks to its ergonomic grip and barrel design. The device is lightweight, perfectly balanced and offers flexible hoses. 

The gun is ready to spray after assembly, and has a low number of components, making it easy to maintain. In addition, it features smart diagnostics through the GNM 6080 control module, which allows for both scheduled and diagnostic alerts. 


The Sames e-Jet2 is available in a non-destructive version designed for the manual application of powder developer for the detection of defects. The system provides high transfer efficiency, thanks to the included Mach-Jet gun, which offers integrated controls for optimal electrostatic charge, as well as developer flow control. The CSV230 pressure tank also helps with efficiency, as it ensures small, regular flows and no puffing. Plus, the CRN457 control module manages powder flow rate and HV tables, and regulates the pumping of air for more precise application. 

In addition, the system offers enhanced ergonomics, with its easy-to-read display and controls, convenient double housing to place accessories on top, handy cable and hose support, and more. 

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To learn more about how the Nanogun-MV and the e-Jet2 can be used for non-destructive testing, contact Exel North America



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