REDwire Exel equipment makes paint application easier and more efficient

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A variety of spray guns and atomizers are available from Exel North America.

Exel North America can provide a wide range of finishing and dispensing systems. The company manufactures Kremlin Rexson and Sames brand products, including many paint spray guns, atomizers, control systems and more. Here are just a few examples of the innovative solutions available.

TRP automatic spray guns

These pneumatic-electrostatic spray guns are widely used in automotive and general industry to apply solvent or water-soluble paints. They provide a perfect finish, paint savings and high flow rate of up to 1200 cm3/min. In addition, the TRP is easy to use and is low maintenance. Adjustments to paint flow, spray pattern and atomization can be controlled by a PLC, by remote or manually.

PPH 308 rotary atomizer

This automatic electrostatics atomizer with rotary bell is used in general industry to apply liquid solvent-based and water-based paint. It is often used with a reciprocating machine or in fix station. The PPH 308 offers a number of advantages, including high transfer efficiency and a good penetrating effect for difficult parts. It also features high productivity with paint flow rates up to 600 cc/min.

PPH 707 EXT-ST high-speed rotary atomizer

This atomizer is designed for the application of water-based paints that are either non-flammable or not easily flammable. The sprayer has external electrodes that electrically charge the particles as they pass by. This electrostatic charge made by ionization is referred to as “external charge”. The PPH 707 EXT-ST does not require any modifications to the existing paint circuit. That means an existing solvent installation can be changed to waterborne by simply installing the sprayer.

NANOBELL robotic atomizer

The NANOBELL is a compact, light and rugged applicator. This robotic sprayer is available in several configurations for applying solvent-based or water-based and mono or multi-component paints. It is often used by manufacturers of small plastic parts, metal parts and the wood industry. The sprayer’s light weight enables mounting on small robots.

SLR Rack “plug-and-spray” control solution

This rack range is designed to make it easier to control automatic bell and gun type sprayers. It is also available with a range of peripherals and options, including paint regulator kits, panel cooling systems and touchscreens for various control modules.

For more information on these products and the wide range of solutions available, contact Exel North America.



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