REDwire Exel airspray gun efficiency leads to quick payback for equipment manufacturer

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A manufacturer of road compaction equipment installed 36 M-22 HTI HVLP guns and realized major savings.

When Exel launched its M-22 HTI HVLP airspray gun to the market, one of its distributors was excited to introduce the product and its key features to a manufacturer of road compaction equipment. This particular customer was already a satisfied user of Exel’s Kremlin brand, and the distributor knew this product would further increase the customer’s efficiencies. With the many benefits the gun offered, it was an easy sell, and one that resulted in a payback of $20,000 in just one month for the manufacturer.

The advantages

The M-22 HTI HVLP airspray gun was the ideal solution for this customer because it offered many advantages. It features a unique air cap design that delivers excellent finish quality with a perfectly balanced fan pattern. In addition, it offers high transfer efficiency, which can result in major paint savings and waste recovery cost reductions. Plus, the solution is easy to use and maintain thanks to its ergonomic design and fine thread seal containment area, which prevents the gun from leaking or requiring constant lubrication.

The payback

The customer purchased 36 M-22 HTI HVLP guns with hoses and accessories. This large order resulted in major savings. The company’s transfer efficiency improved more than 20 per cent, which means that less paint was used. In addition, the equipment’s gloss and finish quality visibly improved. The operators really liked the feel of the gun and the ergonomic benefits it offered. Plus, there was no need to constantly lubricate the needle or adjust the packings, or stop the line to fix leaky guns. The result was high productivity and more than a $20,000 payback in one month.

Additional details

Exel’s products often offer quick paybacks because of the efficiencies, quality and productivity improvements they offer. To learn more about the company’s wide selection of finishing and dispensing solutions, contact Exel North America



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