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Custom locker rooms are available from Excess Space Solutions.

From gyms to manufacturing plants, locker rooms are found in many different types of facilities. Each location has its own unique requirements and priorities, such as added security or a certain aesthetic design. Luckily, prefabricated locker room facilities to meet any need are available from Excess Space Solutions. The company’s design, engineering and manufacturing capabilities allow it to supply an appropriate solution no matter what unique requirements may be involved.

Custom solutions

Locker rooms from Excess Space Solutions can be custom designed to fit any requirement. When a client wants help with site planning, the company’s engineers visit the facility to lend their expertise. The engineers can assist in determining the appropriate size and location, as well as electrical and mechanical requirements.  

Once the requirements are determined, the company utilizes the latest AutoCAD system to perform its design services and provide design drawings for client approval.  

Excess Space Solutions has experience serving a variety of industries throughout the industrial and commercial sectors. From local small businesses to corporate national chains, the company works with all types of clients.  

Prefabricated buildings and more

In addition to the wide range of prefabricated buildings Excess Space Solutions can provide, the company offers structures made using a demountable wall assembly. The company’s ESS 100+ wall system offers a convenient and high-quality solution for creating modular structures. The assembly can be sent in a kit form or installed by an experienced team from Excess Space Solutions.

Prefabricated building expertise

Excess Space Solutions is a leading full-service manufacturer and distributor of products for managing space. The company’s structures help clients make the most of their available space, which in turn leads to increased productivity.

For more information on locker rooms and other prefabricated or demountable structures, contact Excess Space Solutions.


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