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ESS created an enclosure to meet the needs of airport security.

Excess Space Solutions (ESS) is known for offering a wide variety of prefabricated buildings. From in-plant offices to portable guard houses, the company’s offering covers many different types of structures. But sometimes customers have very specialized requirements, and the ideal building doesn’t fit into any standard category. That’s when ESS rises to the challenge.

In fact, the company often completes specialty projects to assist customers with their unique applications. In one such case, ESS designed and built enclosures for security at an international airport.

Airport security enclosures

An international airport came to Excess Space Solutions with a unique request: to create custom enclosures to house the x-ray scanning equipment used to examine incoming parcels and luggage. In addition to the x-ray scanning equipment, the enclosure had to incorporate the conveyor system that moves the parcels. 

ESS constructed the enclosures using its versatile ESS100+ demountable wall system. As a result, the enclosures feature modular flexibility, so they can be easily reconfigured or relocated at any time. The wall system was designed to create minimal waste, so if a reconfiguration is needed, 90 to 100 per cent of the materials are reusable.

The ESS100+ wall system is also easy to install. In this case, the enclosures were shipped to the customer in a kit form for fast and simple site assembly by local workers. 

The high quality of the wall system makes it appropriate for use in any type of facility. ESS buildings are also available with many options, such as various finishes. As a result, the airport received enclosures that are as aesthetically attractive as they are functional. 

Other projects

ESS has extensive experience providing other specialty buildings for unique applications. Some examples include equipment enclosures, underground mine facilities, and control booths for supervisory personnel or equipment control applications. 

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