REDwire Eriez and Rotem deliver quality to Canadian metalworkers

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Eriez coolant cleaners remove fine ferrous contaminants from coolants.

Eriez is committed to helping the metalworking industry meet all of its filtration, fluid recycling and material handling needs — from tough lifting applications to ultra-clean metalworking fluid requirements. The company has invested heavily in bringing these quality products to market, and its metalworking offerings are now available in Canada through Rotem Industrial Products. 

Fluid separation - filtration and recycling 

The Eriez line of separation products for metalworkers includes: 

  • magnetic rolls and drums for dry or liquid particle separation;
  • its patented vacuum filters for stringent filtration requirements of metalworking fluids; 
  • fluid recycling equipment for cleaning fluids used in manufacturing processes; 
  • vibratory screening equipment for the recovery of materials used in manufacturing processes;
  • coolant cleaners for the removal of fine ferrous contaminants from coolants; 
  • conveyors, with a wide variety of configurations, that automatically remove and elevate ferrous materials, such as chips, turnings and small parts;
  • the SumpDoc all-in-one portable recycling unit that completely filters and rejuvenates metalworking fluids in a machine tool sump without interrupting production; and
  • the Star Filter system, a breakthrough in vacuum element filtration that eliminates problems associated with rotating vacuum drum filters.

Material handling

Eriez offers material handling products designed to meet the needs of the metalworking industry, including:

  • vibratory feeders for bulk or precision conveying and the feeding of components and materials;
  • conveyors for the removal or transfer of materials and scrap by-product of manufacturing processes; and 
  • lift magnets, available in both permanent and electro designs with various models, sizes and strengths to quickly and efficiently lift ferrous metal components. 

To learn more about Eriez filtration, fluid recycling and material handling products for the metalworking industry, contact Rotem Industrial Products. Rotem offers the largest stock of metalworking and wire-related products in Canada, providing fast turnaround on orders, and exceptional customer service.  


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