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The e-Jet2 is available in vibrating table and fluidized hopper versions.

SAMES KREMLIN offers the e-Jet2, an ergonomic, reliable and high performance solution for the manual application of powder coatings. This system has been specially designed for companies that are seeking improved coating application and operator efficiency.

High efficiency

The e-Jet2 has a number of features that contribute to high efficiency. It features a vibrating table with built-in Fast-Clean air blowing system. This system can quickly rinse the whole paint circuit to optimize the time and quality of colour changeovers. This unit also features easy cleaning of the removable support arm, and a CS130 powder pump without retention.

Another way the e-Jet2 offers high efficiency is by minimizing maintenance requirements. For example, it has a minimal number of wear parts, and all of them are quickly accessible. In addition, there is no need for special tools to disassemble the metallic injector.

The e-Jet2 also minimizes operator fatigue with its ergonomic design. For instance, it has accessible connectors, a support for cables and hoses, and a double housing where accessories can be conveniently stored. It also has an easy-to-read display and controls.


The e-Jet2 comes with the Mach-Jet electrostatic spray gun, which features integrated controls, allowing operators to easily change settings directly from the gun. The gun also offers a wide selection of adapted nozzles to ensure optimal application.

More information

The e-Jet2 is available in two versions: a vibrating table model that is ideal for frequent colour changes, and a fluidized hopper model for medium- and large-scale production, as well as coatings that are not suited to the vibration method.

For more information, contact SAMES KREMLIN (formerly Exel North America). Kremlin Rexson and Sames recently merged to create one global organization.



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